New Year … New games?

It’s been exactly one year since my¬†previous New Year post, we’re now a week into the new year and I’ve yet to set myself some proper resolutions.

I’d like to have something to focus on with game development, my idea right now is that I need to work on some smaller games, I need to reduce the scope of the games so that I can start and finish them in a reasonable time frame, I don’t want to be starting projects that are going to take all year to finish. I think that working at a pace of one game a month should fix this, I’ll be able to release a game every month and really expand my portfolio, they will all get released for free on either or the android Play store.

Aside from game development, this year will involve me graduating from University and I’ll be spending a lot of time applying for jobs, and if I am successful I will be busy for most of the latter half of the year, I hope to still be able to spend time developing games though.

So altogether two main resolutions:

  1. Release a game each calendar month
    • Keep them small of scope
  2. Get a job after rgaduation
    • No more part time jobs!
    • Keep on developing

Author: George Vicarey

I'm a university student on my placement (third) year of studying Computer Science (Games), I'm using my placement to start an Indie Game Studio - Indie Voodoo. Game development is my passion and this blog expresses that passion.

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