A Development Update …

With academic year finally finished and all work submitted I’ve finally had the free time to be able to do a bit of casual development without worrying that I should be doing something else instead. The result of that is Hexagons!

For quite a while now I’ve been wanting to try my hand at developing a game based on hexagonal tiles, so that’s what I did. Below is a small .webm of what it looked like after 3 nights of development, a total of maybe 15 hours.

The generated world after exploring it
The generated world after exploring it

At the moment the world generations is fairly simple. I use a single 2D perlin noise function to determine a height map for the terrain. I plan on making the terrain more interesting by implementing biomes using a further two noise maps, one for moisture levels (values from 0-1) and another for temperature levels (values from -1 to 1). This way I can define rules to determine biomes and then more complex terrain generations i.e. high moisture and high temperature could make a jungle biome, a high temperature but low moisture area could be a desert etc…

I’m going to try to be disciplined enough to make updates on this at least once a week which should encourage me to keep development going.

Author: George Vicarey

I'm a university student on my placement (third) year of studying Computer Science (Games), I'm using my placement to start an Indie Game Studio - Indie Voodoo. Game development is my passion and this blog expresses that passion.

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