New year resolutions for game development

It’s that time of the year again. The time where everyone makes empty promises to themselves about what they’ll achieve this year, while telling themselves it will be different this time that they’ll actually achieve something. Well…

This year will be different.

I won’t be setting personal resolutions. I’ll be setting professional ones. Resolutions that will help further Indie Voodoo. Resolutions that involve ambitions I’ve had for a while.

I want to release a PC game

I want to release a PC game, I want that game to sell 100 copies, I want that game to sell 1,000 copies, I want that game to sell 10,000 copies. In short, I want a game I release to be successful. I’m confident that this successful game is already in development at my studio. It had a very well received mechanics demo at a Digital Pitch hosted by Entrepreneurial Spark at the beginning of December, our pitch and demo got 4th place out of the 13 teams that pitched. We lost out because our demo was very early on in the development process. Quite literally, we were only three days into development. We’re working on the game play prototype now and it’s looking to be promising.

How will I do this?

Determination. Drive. Plain stubbornness. We already know the mechanics work. We’re working on proving the game play’s good. If the current demo can’t prove that we’ll ask ourselves why and change it based on the feedback and reactions we get from people playing the demo. We have nine months left, when September ends we have to wake up and get back to studying, we’ll be in our final year of university. That’s our deadline. It’s not a deadline that we’re setting ourselves. It’s a fixed point in time. We can’t change it, neither can we avoid it. That leaves us no choice but to get something mind-blowing, something awesome, and something tangible out there being played. It doesn’t have to be fully featured just has to be fun, because once we have a v1.0 release we’ll have a solid code base to build upon, we’ll be at a place where we can add features while still working on university work.

In a years time I will have released a game that has plenty of users.

Author: George Vicarey

I'm a university student on my placement (third) year of studying Computer Science (Games), I'm using my placement to start an Indie Game Studio - Indie Voodoo. Game development is my passion and this blog expresses that passion.

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