It’s been a while …

So it’s been a while since I last posted (around 7 months). I intend to start blogging again.

Here’s a quick catchup of the last 7 months

  • I finished my second year of uni. On track for a first
  • Started my year off from uni to set-up my company Indie Voodoo along with a fellow student.
  • Released our first app – Stacky Box
    • Available on the Play Store
    • And the Amazon App Store
    • It’s free but does have Ads. It’s simple but I’d appreciate the download/install.
  • We’re working on our second title. It’s a 3D game that’s going to be released on mobile first, and possibly PC after if it feels good as a PC game. Releasing: Hopefully this year.
  • I also attended Insomnia 55 as a Volunteer Team Leader. I was managing the VIP Area and met some really cool guys, and some not so cool guys, I hate Sidemen, they are not cool! However Dan, The Diamond Minecart is an incredibly down to earth and nice guy.

What’s going to happen next?

  • I’m going to start blogging more.
  • I’ll be volunteering at Insomnia 56 as well (hopefully). It’s at a new venue! Birmingham NEC the biggest convention centre in the UK!
  • Lots of GameDev stuff!