Started a new project … here’s the result

I decided to start making a random platformer style game today.  Mainly just so I can keep honing my skills.

I’ve decided I’m no artist so I won’t even waste my own time trying to draw my own assets. I saw a recent post on reddit’s /r/gamedev advertising free art assets from a pixel artist and game designer. I had a look and thought they were nice and made my mind up to use them. Here’s a link to the asset’s I used. Although I decided on Ansimuz’s Grotto Escape assets, his original post on reddit was advertising his RPG Town Pack, the Grotto Escape pack really struck a chord with me and was instantly weaving threads of ideas together in my mind.

Grotto Escape
Ansimuz’s Grotto Escape Asset Pack

I’d now found my art, now I just had to decide what to make with it. The things I know is that it’s going to be a platformer, there’s three enemy creature’s and a few different pickups, two of which look like different experience point pickups (orange one for 10 green for 1), there’s also four items that I can make into power boosts of some form and the final item I’m interpreting as a health recharge station. Of course there’s also the player sprite, 40 different tiles, and a health meter.

Today was all about getting the project up and running my aim was to have all the sprites imported and made into prefabs. I exceeded that goal. Today’s session ended with me having a playable character (moves left and right and can jump). Along with having all the animations configured and saved as prefabs to be used later.

Here’s a quick screen capture of midway through my session today.

Platformer 01
My progress after my first session

My goals for tomorrow and the future:-

  • Make a test level, so I can continue to refine the player’s movement controls
  • Implement some basic AI for the enemy creatures. Inspired by the ghost behavior in Pac-Man which has been wonderfully broken down in this article.
  • Procedurally generated endless levels? Could be fun to try out.


Author: George Vicarey

I'm a university student on my placement (third) year of studying Computer Science (Games), I'm using my placement to start an Indie Game Studio - Indie Voodoo. Game development is my passion and this blog expresses that passion.

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