Started a new project … here’s the result

I decided to start making a random platformer style game today.  Mainly just so I can keep honing my skills.

I’ve decided I’m no artist so I won’t even waste my own time trying to draw my own assets. I saw a recent post on reddit’s /r/gamedev advertising free art assets from a pixel artist and game designer. I had a look and thought they were nice and made my mind up to use them. Here’s a link to the asset’s I used. Although I decided on Ansimuz’s Grotto Escape assets, his original post on reddit was advertising his RPG Town Pack, the Grotto Escape pack really struck a chord with me and was instantly weaving threads of ideas together in my mind.

Grotto Escape
Ansimuz’s Grotto Escape Asset Pack

I’d now found my art, now I just had to decide what to make with it. The things I know is that it’s going to be a platformer, there’s three enemy creature’s and a few different pickups, two of which look like different experience point pickups (orange one for 10 green for 1), there’s also four items that I can make into power boosts of some form and the final item I’m interpreting as a health recharge station. Of course there’s also the player sprite, 40 different tiles, and a health meter.

Today was all about getting the project up and running my aim was to have all the sprites imported and made into prefabs. I exceeded that goal. Today’s session ended with me having a playable character (moves left and right and can jump). Along with having all the animations configured and saved as prefabs to be used later.

Here’s a quick screen capture of midway through my session today.

Platformer 01
My progress after my first session

My goals for tomorrow and the future:-

  • Make a test level, so I can continue to refine the player’s movement controls
  • Implement some basic AI for the enemy creatures. Inspired by the ghost behavior in Pac-Man which has been wonderfully broken down in this article.
  • Procedurally generated endless levels? Could be fun to try out.


First Foray into Procedural Content Generation

I’ve made the first step. It may not be a big one but it’s a start. I’ve managed to make a small program that displays an array of “pixelData” to screen, which may seem small but its what it can be used for that makes it big.

RANDOM NOISEThe above picture is my output. All I’ve done is assigned a random number to the red, green, and blue values of each pixel, and that’s given me noise.

Of course right now it’s technically not procedural generation it’s just random generation. Which will make a nice foundation for me to delve into procedural content.

For my next step I’ll be implementing my own version of noise probably using either Perlin or Open Simplex.

The code for this can be found on my Github, it’s tagged as v1.0 versions after that will likely have added features.





It may have taken me a while but I have got multiple cubes rendering on screen in my Voxel Game.

Here’s a quick screen cap.


Doesn’t look like much at the moment, but now I’ll be able to populate a 3D array of cubes and then turn that into a landscape.

First of all I’m going to work on a proper camera class.

Here’s the GitHub repo if you want to check out the code, feel free to clone and play around with it.